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Coastal Environmental Analysis, LLC

Joseph P. Richardson, Ph.D
Marine Scientist


Confidentiality Assured

Specializing in Coastal Environmental Studies

Chemical Water Quality Biological

Ecological Microbiological Monitoring

Field Studies Lab Analysis Data Analysis


Coastal Environmental Analysis, LLC, has been conducting biological, ecological and water quality research, monitoring and analysis in coastal GA, SC and FL since 1998. CEA offers a full line of service that includes: field sampling, analysis and monitoring; lab analysis; chemical, biological, microbiological sampling and analysis. CEA conducts studies in a variety of coastal habitats including ocean beaches, estuaries, salt marshes, coastal rivers, tidal creeks, storm water systems including canals and drainage ditches. CEA has the capabilities to collect samples and conduct studies in a diversity of habitats ranging from ditch culverts to estuaries to open beaches.

Coastal Environmental Analysis utilizes state of the art, research-quality and EPA approved methods and equipment in the field and lab. A partial list of water quality parameters analyzed and quantified on a regular basis includes the following:
  • Temperature
  • Salinity
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • Turbidity (water clarity)
  • Settleable solids
  • Dissolved Oxygen and percent Oxygen saturation
  • Nutrients (Nitrate, Phosphate)
  • Microbial analyses conducted on a regular basis include:
    • Enterococci bacteria (salt water areas)
    • E. coli bacteria (fresh water areas)
  • Biological assessments (marine, estuarine, coastal)


Confidentiality Assured



Coastal Environmental Analysis is often employed to collect water, sediment, fish and shellfish samples for analyses including ecological statistics, and pollutant concentrations such as heavy metals, Poly-aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH’s), and PCB’s.


High quality sampling and sample analysis is only part of what CEA offers. CEA also performs:

  • data and results analysis
  • results interpretation and presentation
  • project report writing


In addition, CEA can also assist in designing a monitoring program for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.

CEA has been successful in developing grant proposals for clients including coastal municipalities to gain funding support for their projects. (See "Recent Projects")





Sometimes it's what you don't see in the water
that might be harmful.
I took this picture while conducting a summer 2006 graduate marine science class for Georgia school teachers on San Salvador Island, Bahamas. This is a near-shore hard bottom area and the depth is about 18 inches.  Do you see the Scorpionfish?  The water is crystal clear, but the well camouflaged Scorpionfish with its venomous spines could inflict pain and lots of problems.
Confidentiality Assured
Coastal Environmental Analysis, LLC
P.O. Box 30923

Savannah, GA 31410

Other times, potential problems are more obvious.
A combination of factors including low oxygen, high water temperature, and high salinity probably caused this fish kill (mostly menhaden and mullet) in a section of estuary that receives storm water drainage. Often, it is particular combinations of otherwise sub-lethal water quality factors that together can produce lethal conditions.