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Additional photos of CEA in action, interesting marine life,

and marine ecological processes.

This is a Stoplight Parrotfish being "cleaned" of parasites by a smaller wrass (the long thin yellow/black/white striped fish). Other "cleaners" are too small to be seen in this picture. At a "cleaning station" such as this, large fish move into position and float almost motionless in the water while the small "cleaners" swarm around it (sometimes into its gills and mouth) and pick off small parasites from the large fish. This is considered a type of mutualistic relationship in which both species benefit from the interaction. This photo was taken at San Salvador Island, Bahamas, 2006, during a marine science field studies class for teachers.

Can you believe the name of this fish is a Blue Tang? Actually this is a young Blue Tang.  As it gets older and larger, it will become a deep royal blue.

hsifreggirT neeuQ Queen Triggerfish

What a rainy day looks like to a fish.

You've already seen these before, so you tell me.

One more chance. Find the Scorpion Fish.

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