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About CEA and Joe Richardson, Ph.D.

Dr. Joseph P. Richardson received a BA degree in Biology (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Tennessee in 1974, and a Ph.D. degree in Marine Sciences from the University of North Carolina in 1978. He joined the faculty at Savannah State University in January 1979, helped develop the marine sciences programs at SSU, retired as a full professor of marine sciences in 2007, and is SSU's first Professor Emeritus of Marine Sciences. He has taught graduate-level and undergraduate courses in invertebrate zoology, marine and environmental chemistry and analysis, botany, marine science field studies, oceanography, biological oceanography, physiological ecology, and mariculture. While working to develop improved methods for citizen-based water quality monitoring projects in coastal environments, Dr. Richardson served as the Director of the Coastal Region Training Center for the Georgia Adopt A Stream Program and assisted citizens throughout the coastal zone establish volunteer water quality monitoring programs. Over the past recent years, Dr. Richardson has trained thousands of individuals to collect, analyze and report basic chemical water quality parameters. For more than twenty years, he has secured funding and taught a graduate-level marine field studies course for Georgia teachers in the Bahamas.




Current and recent projects include:

-Watershed assessment for Tybee Island, GA

-Investigating pollutant levels (metals and organic compounds) in finfish, oysters, sediment and coastal water

-Ongoing water quality monitoring programs in coastal rivers and estuaries

-Investigating the effects of storm water discharge on water quality in coastal waters

-Effects of rain events and tide range on bacteria concentrations in barrier island salt marsh tidal creeks

-Possible contribution of shore birds on bacteria concentrations in barrier island beach water

-Invasive marine species, ecology and biology of invasive Pink Barnacle



See "Recent Projects" and "Grants and Publications" for more details and examples of Dr. Richardson's experience.



Proposal/Grant Writing

Throughout his career, both as a university marine sciences professor and as a private consultant through Coastal Environmental Analysis, Dr. Joe Richardson has carefully guarded his integrity as an unbiased scientist and educator. High quality field and lab research, unbiased data analysis, coupled with effective communication and reporting skills, are his trademarks. He is known for his passion for his work and his genuine enthusiasm to teach environmental and marine sciences to people of all ages.

Through cooperative efforts with his colleagues and through efforts on his own, Dr. Richardson has been very successful in acquiring grants to support research and outreach activities. He has been either the Principal Investigator or Co-Principal Investigator for grants received from a variety of agencies including:


- Georgia Dept of Natural Resources

- Coastal Resources Division

- Coastal Zone Management Program

- Wildlife Resources Division

- National Park Service

- National Science Foundation

- Eisenhower Higher Education Grants Program

- Improving Teacher Quality Grants Program

- National Institutes of Health

- Georgia Sea Grant Program

- National Sea Grant Program

Dr. Richardson has published widely in scientific journals and presented his research findings at state, regional, national and international scientific conferences.

See "Recent Projects" page.





Do you see the Peacock Flounder in the picture below? How about in the next two pictures below that one? Like the scorpionfish, flounders are masters of camouflage and disguise. (San Salvador Island, Bahamas 2006)






Joseph (Joe) P. Richardson, Ph.D.

Ph.D. Marine Sciences, Univ. NC 1978
B.A. Biology, Univ. Tennessee 1974
Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi

Professor Emeritus of Marine Sciences
Savannah State Univ. 1979-2007

Over 30 years experience in marine research, teaching and outreach in coastal Georgia, southeastern US, and Bahamas.

Specializing in water quality studies and coastal ecology

Working with local communities, groups, individuals, agencies, businesses

Field work, lab analyses, data analyses

Scientific report preparation
Grant Proposal writing

The branched, irridescent blue object in this shallow water picture is actually a type of red seaweed. Some seaweeds produce and accumulate chemicals that allow them not only to reflect certain colors of light, but (as in this case) sometimes even diffract light and produce specific irridescent colors.
(San Salvador Island, Bahamas, 2006)
Specializing in ecological studies of the Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina coastal regions.
Confidentiality Assured!
Coastal Environmental Analysis, LLC
P.O. Box 30923

Savannah, GA 31410